14 Sep

  Invest 2012

What a fantastic weekend!  It would take a good argument to convince me that there is a better way to spend the first weekend in September than with Church in the Bank at #Invest.  Invest 2012 was our second and now annual congregational weekend away.  It’s called ‘Invest’ because it’s a time where we escape for a weekend to Invest in God’s People and God’s Word for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

It was also a weekend away – Church in the Bank style!  Late Starts for some and early morning fitness boot-camp for others.  Mechanical Bull riding on Saturday Night, a Spit Roast dinner and a good old-fashioned bush dance.  It was relaxed yet hectic – like most things we do at the Bank!

The theme of the bible talks over the weekend was ‘Mission Possible’ as we focused on our local mission to get the great gospel of Jesus out across this city.  Dave Keun (Norwest Anglican) and a close friend of mine spoke from 1 Tim 2:1-7, challenging us as a church to a life-saving station and that we wouldn’t grow comfortable and lose the urgency of our mission.  Ben Pfarlert (National Director of MTS Movement), in a way that only Ben can, challenged us from Philippians 1 whether we really believed that to live is Christ and to die is gain!  Our city lives for the four P’s – Pay-Packet, Postcode, Position and Peer Approval.  Do we live for those or Christ who gave up all four of those things for us – setting an example for Paul who is a great example for us!  He lived like to live is Christ and to die is gain!

We finished the weekend praying over a huge map of Sydney, for our friends, our family, those we study with, our neighbours, our workmates that we might not get comfortable but with the courage that only God can give share our lives and the gospel with those we meet.

I’d like to thank the team who put the weekend together and the morning congregations at SNAC who stepped up to teach Sunday School so our teachers could be there.

I’d also like to say – I love Church in the Bank.  It is filled with Fun-loving, Jesus-honoring, Servant-hearted, Mission-minded sinners who desperately need Jesus and who want others to know Him too!




  1. Phil Tuften September 17, 2012 at 6:59 am #

    I guess I am the first to leave a comment. As a newish member of CITB, (6 months), I found the weekend away great. First meet lots of people, second and most importantly we meet round the word of God. Both presenters helped us see the need to evangelise our friends, family others who we know.

    Things I really thought were done well were the wall map of Sydney, where we were encouraged to indentify the locale of those who we could reach for the gospel. There is something about seeing our evangelism targeted on a big map. Many times you fall into the trap of thinking that you are alone in trying to spread the gospel. The map idea was brilliant, it assisted us to visually see that we had many contacts and pray for them as a congregation.

    Secondly, it was encouraging to see that people were having gospel conversations with their friends. Third, and one of the most helpful things was the group work. Dividing up into groups to try and answer questions that non-Christians may ask us. This type of training is priceless as it builds confidence and gives us the time to think about answers before we interact with non-Christians. Fourthly the input from the leaders and those who encouraged us with the stories of witnessing to their friends etc. Let us see that God is alive, well and working amongst us to encourage and teach us. Apart from the the campsite, the mechanical bull and the bush dance, and the food the highlight of the weekend was meeting with God, praying to God and being encouraged in the faith, a foretaste of heaven.

    Thank you to those who put it together

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