How will you spend this summer?

16 Sep

Have you considered Beachmission?

As Spring kicks in and summer looms closer it’s all too easy to find our minds pondering the coming Christmas break. We know that Christmas day will most likely involve lots of food with friends and family, and that boxing day will be a day of recovery, but what about the days that follow? School is finished for the year, Uni is on break and the office is shut; the options are seemingly endless! What shall we do? Sure, you could book yourself a Hawaiian holiday or visit the land of the Queenslander, but have you ever considered being a part of a Beachmisson?
Now your answer might be no, simply because you don’t know what a ‘Beachmission’ is! So let me enlighten you. Beachmissions are basically a team made up of followers of Jesus who want to share the message of Jesus with others. Team members are usually from ages 16 and upwards (so Adults too!) and range from teams of 20 to 50 people. Beachmissions teams are usually set up in caravan parks and camping grounds all up and down the NSW coastline. There are approximately 50 Beachmissions that run in NSW every summer, with 100’s of team members and 1000’s of ‘campers’ who attend the programs run by the team. Mission’s usually run for about 10 days and minister to 3year olds up to adults.
There are a number of great reasons to be a part of one of these teams. Firstly, for many of the ‘camper’s’ it’s the only time they get to hear the gospel; for some it’s even the first time. Secondly, many of the ‘camper’s’ come back to the same spot each year. This means you get to build a relationship with them as individuals and as a team over many years. At the mission I am a part of in Shellharbour we have seen 3year olds grow up to be confessing teenage Christians as a result of God’s grace through Beachmission ministry. In the last few years we have also seen two entire families come to Christ after many years of hearing the gospel at Beachmission. Another great reason is the training and skills you learn by being part of the team. Beachmissions are a great way to be trained in evangelism and will grow your confidence in sharing the hope that you have in Jesus.
So as the weather warms up and the holidays draw near, have you considered being part of a Beachmission team?

Shellharbour are currently looking for new team members of any age for this year’s mission. If you think you might be interested please email me at

Mike Leite


One Response to “How will you spend this summer?”

  1. churchinthebank September 18, 2012 at 2:32 am #

    Wouldn’t it be great if the Bank was empty on the 30 December because we were all away on Beach Missions. It’s such a great opportunity to team up with Christians from all over Sydney and NSW to share our lives and the gospel with holiday makers up and down the coast.

    I remember my years at Toowoon Bay Beach Mission (Central Coast) about 10 years ago. Lenore and I loved doing it together, sleeping in tents, running kids programs, chatting with teens playing basketball, heading to the beach, BBQs and the encouragement of meeting heaps of other Christians who were keen to live for Christ.

    If you’ve never been before give it go! Why not have a chat to Mike this Sunday Night!

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