The Return of the King – New Sermon Series – this Sunday!

20 Sep


What do we do with the delay in Christ’s return? Delays cause issues.

It’s the other way around in our culture but if the bride arrives at the church and the groom is delayed, then the bride’s gonna be asking all kinds of questions: ‘Has he given up on marrying me? Is he ok? What’s going on?’

So what do we do with the delay in Christ’s return?

Jesus has given us Matthew 24 and 25 (and bunches of other parts of his Scripture) as a way to help us live in light of his return. We’ll be looking at the three parables (although the last one isn’t a parable) from Matthew 25 and seeing how it helps us live as Christ’s people here as we wait for the King to return.

Over the next 3 Sunday’s we’ll be doing just that.

Part One (vv. 1-13) will look at us being prepared for the delay cause that’ll mean that you’re ready for his return. What does it mean for us to be prepared and watching (v. 13)? What do you think? Are you prepared?

Part Two (vv. 14-30) will look at us basically making good use of the delay as those belonging to Jesus. Being good slaves under the Master. I think this might be the one I’m most looking forward to sharing with you.

Part Three (vv. 31-46) caps off the whole of Matthew 24-25 and has a kind of cosmic/universal judgment on display as the Son of Man returns in glory. The question to ask in that one is: What makes you a blessed or cursed one when Jesus returns? What do you think makes the difference? At first blush it looks like good works makes the difference. Is that right? The outcome’s weighty, because hell’s on the table whether we like it or not, but thanks to God, so is eternal life.

See you on Sunday Night!

Ryan van de Avoort


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