MTS at Church In The Bank

25 Sep

One of the great things that God has been doing amongst us over the last decade is seeing CITB raise up the next generation of gospel workers. One way this has occurred is through the MTS program.

MTS [‘Ministry Training Strategy’] is a two-year ministry apprenticeship where men and women leave their careers to be trained in how they can use the rest of their life to proclaim Jesus as ministers of the gospel. I have the privilege of training our apprentices at St George North and I’m passionate about our church continuing to support this vital ministry. These men and women are the future leaders of our churches both here in Sydney and throughout the world and so keep praying that the Lord of the Harvest would keep raising up workers for His harvest. Our world desperately needs Jesus and our churches really need godly and well trained leaders.

Our current apprentices are Cameron Noakes and Meg Pollett.  They are both currently in the second year of their apprenticeship and God has been using both of them in amazing ways for his Kingdom. Last weekend Cameron and Meg along with a small group of CITB’ers attended the MTS ‘SPUR’ 2012 conference at Stanwell Tops.  It’s a conference that seeks to raise up the next generation of gospel workers, and specifically challenges people to consider doing an MTS apprenticeship.

“The weekend was fantastic! All enjoyed a great time of fellowship (complete with fantales and whiz fizz lollipops – thanks Tara) and faithful Bible teaching from 2 very gifted men, Duane Olivier and L-T Hopper. They challenged everyone to think about what it means to commit to running the race marked out for us, and have our minds, motives and life goals transformed by the gospel. In Hebrews it tells us to throw off everything that hinders us from serving Jesus wholeheartedly. Whether it’s peer-approval, a pay packet, a post-code, or position in a company! We were reminded that only Christ satisfies our deepest longings. True to its name, the conference spurred all on to keep trusting and treasuring the Lord Jesus.”


While not all here at CITB are looking to undertake full-time paid ministry or start an MTS Apprenticeship there are some really practical ways we can all be involved as a church in supporting SNAC MTS.

• Pray that God would keep raising up Gospel Workers

• Keep giving generously as we support the wages of our apprentices

• Pray for those who attended the SPUR conference and for those considering gospel ministry and perhaps doing an apprenticeship at St George North.

• Really encourage Cameron and Meg as they work amongst us.

Luther Symons


2 Responses to “MTS at Church In The Bank”

  1. Meg Pollett September 28, 2012 at 8:16 am #

    We should have all got a picture like the one above! Jumping in the air! Haha, next time.

  2. Sarah Munns October 2, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

    I love that you guys are here Meg and Cam! I love what God is teaching me through both of you! It’s been a joy to serve with you. Luther… what will we do without them next year? Bankers… who’s up next for MTS??

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