Hearing Sermons (part two)

28 Oct

Yesterday I reflected on some thoughts of Richard Baxter writing 350 years ago to help us see how we could work at accepting preaching as the word of God and not men.  Here are some more of his thoughts:

1. Meditate on what you hear when you come home.

When God has spoken to us we would surely do well to keep considering his words and to seek to grapple with the implications of what he has said.

 2. Inquire, where you doubt, of those that can resolve and teach you. It showeth a careless mind, and a contempt of the word of God, in most people that never come to ask the resolution of one doubt though they have pastors that have ability, and leisure, and willingness to help them.

Baxter uses strong language but he is right.  How contemptuous of God we are when we cannot make the effort to seek out answers to our questions or doubts.  He has given us the resources – we must use them.

3. Writing is an easy help to memory.  Peruse what you remember, or write it down, and fix it speedily before it is lost.

If it is the word of God that is preached then surely we hang on every word?  I find that taking notes helps me focus my mind and stops my mind from wandering.

Perhaps this final point is the most important:

4. Remember that God is instructing you, and warning you, and treating with you, about no less than the saving of your souls.

The preaching of the word of God is serious business.  It should not be approached lightly or flippantly.  We should pray that God would give us the right attitude to his word every day, but especially on Sundays when we sit under it as a church.



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