Buried Treasure

20 Nov

You’re standing on an island in the middle of the ocean.

Palm trees are swaying in the soft tropical breeze. Gentle waves lap on golden beaches. There is a handy cave and fresh running water.

And in your hand is a treasure map.  It’s a strange treasure map as it has “X” all over the island.  What does that mean?  Treasure everywhere?

You decide that getting on with finding food and lighting a fire are more important than treasure, so you put the map back in your pocket.

Life is a struggle on the island but one day you’re really bored and decide to have a dig.  After a bit of effort – “clunk” – your shovel hits a box!

As you open the box you realise that it was just the warm sleeping bag you needed to keep warm at night.

Time goes on and you have another go.

“Clunk!”  What this time?

Food!  Glorious food!

After a few of these experiences you begin to realise that your treasure map is true.  There is treasure all over the island. 

And the deeper you dig the better it gets.

All you need, and much, much more.

Glorious, scrumptious, satisfying, delightful, surprising treasure.


Did you know that this is what God has given us?

The Bible is full of treasure waiting to be discovered.

Rich, deep, satisfying, delightful treasure.


We can choose to keep busy with the mundane things of like – like setting up the hammock and getting the coconuts out of the palm trees – or we can dig into God’s Word and search for treasure.

And every time we put some muscle into it we will be richly rewarded. 

We’ll get wisdom for daily life, a protective canopy, a weapon for defence when attacked, direction for the way ahead, help when in trouble, deep contentment and joy for every situation and, very important when you’re lost on a desert island, instructions about how to be rescued!

But most important of all – we’ll get to know the one who buried the treasure and drew the map!

We learn how strong and wise and loving and wonderful he is! 

We experience his provision of our real needs and the deep sense of satisfaction shows us how tasteless are coconut milk and bananas – and how silly are all the little devices we have cleverly concocted to make life on the island more bearable.

Spend time in the Word of God.  Dig deeper daily.

And you will have true riches.
Terry Blowes


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