What to expect in 2013

28 Jan

2012 was a wonderful year in our teaching programme where we were challenged week by week from God’s word.  One highlight for me was the series on Acts where we were challenged by the zeal of the early church for telling others about Jesus.  Another highlight was the wonderful practical guidance from Proverbs about living wisely in a fallen world.


2013 also looks to be a great year.  Some of the highlights will be:


1)      Studies in Philippians in Term 1.  We’ll be looking at this wonderful book that was Paul’s teaching to a church whose partnership in the Gospel he truly cherished.  As Paul praises God for these brothers and sisters he particularly challenges them to shine like stars in this dark world as they follow the example of Christ.

2)      At the Big Day Out (23 March 2012) we will be thinking about the big topic of ‘Glory’.  What does it mean to ‘glorify God’?  In what sense can we say that this is what we exist to do?  What does that look like in practice?

3)      Later in the year, amongst other things, we will be returning to the second half of the book of Acts, considering two very different Old Testament prophets in Jonah & Isaiah, as well as some other shorter series.


Why not get into a good habit now of reading ahead on these books for your own quiet times?  I pray that they are a great encouragement to you.

 Phil Colgan


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