Jock’s story

6 Feb

“He’s come in here to die you know, so don’t you two go making any noise,” the nurse sternly told the two young men in the hospital ward to prepare them for their new room mate.

Jock and his companion were both recuperating in Moore Park Hospital in North Shields, England.  It was around the end of WWII and Jock’s companion was a devoted Christian who was bold in his approaches to sharing the gospel with the stubborn Scotsman Jock. 

“We’ll pray for him and then you’ll see that God really does exist,” Jock’s room mate said of their new companion who lay unconscious with tubes doing the work of all his major bodily functions.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Jock retorted. “Besides, the nurse said we weren’t to make any noise.”

But this did not deter his room mate, so each night after lights out the room mate hobbled over to the screen where their new companion lay and prayed out loud for his recovery. 

Jock resisted, but not too loudly – only so that they didn’t incur the wrath of the head nurse.

Weeks went by and each night the faithful Christian man continued to pray out loud asking Jock to join him.  Soon the man in the bed regained consciousness.  It wasn’t long before he was up and hobbling around himself.  And to add insult to injury he left the hospital before both the other men – leaving them to read the bible together during their remaining stay in hospital.

Despite the quiet encouragement from Jock’s believing wife over several years of marriage prior to this, she was unable to convince him of God’s existence – but had faithfully continued to pray that one day he would come to know Jesus. 

But it was the boldness and persistence of his hospital roommate that bought Jock to his senses and into a relationship with God – and in the process saw a man who was condemned to death brought back to health.  

The bold and persistent witness of that young Christian man almost 70 years ago still bears fruit today as a reminder of how God uses us for his good (if we let him) -and often for multiple purposes at once!


If this story is familiar to you – it may be because you have heard it from a member of Jock’s family.  Jock’s wife Mary and his daughter Nora Cox are long-time members of our 10am congregation and were willing to share this story in the hope that it will encourage others in being bold for Christ and reading the bible one to one.



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