“Something more desirable than gold”

11 May

“Happy is the man who possesses a Bible, happier still is the man who reads it!” JC Ryle 

I love talking to older saints who have grown up with good Christian teaching.  There are many reasons why I love that but one of the main reasons is that they really know God’s word.  When I say ‘know’ I don’t mean they just know the ideas, the really ‘know’ the Scriptures so that they can bring God’s word to bear on any topic or conversation.  In past generations Christians worked hard at memorising Scripture, but this habit has been lost for many of the generations that followed.

We teach our children memory verses, but do we learn them ourselves?

In fact, I wonder if for many they ever actually applied themselves to memorising verses at all?  Instead, I wonder if it is just a wonderful side effect of regular quiet times – spending time in the Scriptures each day.  Perhaps the reason people of my generation don’t seem to be able to quote the Scriptures is that we have got out of the good Christian habit of daily Bible reading?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful it we were a church full of people like King David in Psalm 19:

The instruction of the LORD is perfect,

            renewing one’s life;

            the  testimony of the LORD is trustworthy,

            making the inexperienced wise.

The precepts of the LORD are right,

            making the heart glad;

            the command of the LORD is radiant,

            making the eyes light up.

            The  fear of the LORD is pure,

            enduring forever;

            the ordinances of the LORD are reliable

            and altogether righteous.

            They are more desirable than gold—

            than an abundance of pure gold;

            and sweeter than honey,

            which comes from the honeycomb.

            In addition, Your servant is warned by them;

            there is great reward in keeping them.


Phil Colgan


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