Glorifying God

12 May

What is the centre of what we do as a church?  What should we devote our lives to, both collectively and individually?

Over the last year I’ve drawn together a group of people we call our Ministry Coalition and one of the things we’ve done together is try to come up with some things that describe what we’re on about as a church.  In the past St George North has had big all encompassing visions and mission statements, but this is a bit different. What we were trying to do was to distil down a description of what are the things that are the centre of what we do?

In particular we wanted something to speak to two audiences. Especially we wanted something that said to someone joining our church – “This is what we’re on about. Come on board with us because this is what drives St George North.”

At the same time we also wanted something to remind all of us regularly of what is our centre.  It is so easy to get distracted when church is really so simple.  All too often churches and individuals get distracted by good things instead of focusing on the best things.

After much studying the Bible together and batting around ideas, we discarded a lot of important things and said that we want our church to be a church that is on about Glorifying God.  We saw at the Big Day Out that that is why we exist. (if you missed the talks please make sure you download them and listen to them).

More than that, we saw that glorifying God is most fundamentally expressed by Proclaiming Jesus to our world, Serving Together and Growing Disciples of Jesus.

This term I will be spending three weeks at each of our congregations speaking about each of these three prongs of our mission as a church and inviting everyone to commit ourselves to making these things our priorities in life.

It’s my prayer that together and individually we will all commit ourselves to living a life that is focused on:


Glorifying God

Proclaiming Jesus

Serving together

Growing disciples


 Phil Colgan


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