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The Return of The King – Ryan’s Sermon Blog (Part Two)

3 Oct

Q: “The Bible passage (Matthew 25:14-30) and Sunday sermon seemed to say salvation by faith and works… so confusing. Was the 3rd servant a believer or not?”

Thanks for your question! It’s a helpful one because you raise some very important issues.

Starting off, it’s worth stating what the parable is NOT saying: ‘Be faithful or else [you won’t be saved].’

No, we keep going back to the basics: We are saved because of Christ’s faithfulness, not our own! And I tried to keep pointing out the work of Christ for us, primarily in salvation but also in his provision (the things he’s given us). Rather, what the parable is doing is simply encouraging those already trusting in Jesus (and so are already saved) to live in line with who they are in Jesus. ‘You have been made slaves of Christ, now live as slaves of Christ.’ Not to earn salvation but simply as a way of living out your saved life. The call from the parable is for faithfulness on our part – action on our part actually. Continue reading


The Return of The King – Ryan’s Sermon Blog (Part One)

26 Sep

Does the return of Christ matter?

‘If things go on like they’ve been going for the last however many years, there is a good chance that I will die before Jesus returns. So what’s the big deal? His return won’t really affect me. Why is it important that I remember that Jesus will return?’

That’s the gist of a question posed to me. So, what is the big deal with Jesus return? Why should I remember it? Or even long for it?
Well, here are two briefs reasons why it’s worth keeping his return in the forefront of our minds and hearts.

1. It’s part of the whole story.
The King wasn’t only born. He didn’t only live and die. He also rose from the dead, returned to his Father and one day will return for his people.  It’s part of the whole story. And if you lose parts, sometimes it means you can miss the whole. Remembering the whole, gives me perspective on life Continue reading

– Encouraging good preaching –

18 Sep

“Bored and disinterested congregations reap boring and disinteresting sermons. Interested and excited congregations encourage interesting and engaging preaching.”

We are blessed at St George North that week in and week out we are faithfully served by our preachers. We rest secure in the knowledge that each week the Scriptures are faithfully opened and explained and that we will be called to faith and repentance in response to the Bible. However, we must never take this for granted. Instead we should work hard to encourage our preachers to do the best they can possibly do. There are many things we can all do to encourage our preachers, here are just a few:

1. Pray for the preachers. Each week we record who is preaching in the Weekly SNAC so that you can pray for them during the week. Pray that they would work hard at understanding the Bible and preach it faithfully, passionately and in a way that engages us.

2. Occasionally, tell the preachers that you are praying for them and that you look forward to learning from God’s word each week.

3. Be there! Continue reading

Get it into your head!

17 Sep

I love talking to older saints who have grown up with good Christian teaching.  There are many reasons why I love that but one of the main reasons is that they really know God’s word.  When I say ‘know’ I don’t mean they just know the ideas, the really ‘know’ the Scriptures so that they can bring God’s word to bear on any topic or conversation.  In past generations Christians worked hard at memorising Scripture, but this habit has been lost for many of the generations that followed.

We teach our children memory verses, but do we learn them ourselves?

In fact, I wonder if for many they ever actually applied themselves to memorising verses at all.  Instead, I wonder if that is just a wonderful side effect of regular quiet times – spending time in the Scriptures each day.  Perhaps the reason people of my generation don’t seem to be able to quote the Scriptures is that we have got out of the good Christian habit of daily Bible reading? Continue reading


14 Sep

  Invest 2012

What a fantastic weekend!  It would take a good argument to convince me that there is a better way to spend the first weekend in September than with Church in the Bank at #Invest.  Invest 2012 was our second and now annual congregational weekend away.  It’s called ‘Invest’ because it’s a time where we escape for a weekend to Invest in God’s People and God’s Word for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

It was also a weekend away – Church in the Bank style!  Continue reading

Our very first blog post ….

13 Sep

Hey guys! Welcome to our very first blog post here at Church in the Bank (CITB).

We’re really keen to talk through ideas; challenge each other and our world and engage with our culture in light of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our blog is also a great way for us to engage with each other outside of our usual Sunday night and to give us an idea of what goes on at CITB and what our wider church community gets up to.

Each week we will be posting sermon wrap ups from the previous sunday, topical series, thought-provoking articles from great christian writers and also lots of other great content written by our very own CITB members.

So now that you are as excited as us, all that is left to say is …