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15 Sep

A funny thing has happened to ‘faith’ recently – it’s meaning has been dramatically changed!  I noticed this again as I read the newspaper editorials.  People now talk about faith as ‘believing something for which there is no evidence’.  So, the argument goes that it doesn’t matter whether or not the events of Easter happened – who cares, it’s whether you believe them.  However, this is to confuse ‘faith’ with ‘blind faith’.

When the Bible talks about faith it is talking about believing on the basis of the evidence and then trusting it.  That is why the New Testament is so concerned to stress the history of what happened to Jesus.  That Jesus actually died is so important, because if he didn’t we would still be facing God’s judgement.  That Jesus truly did rise from the grave is so important, because if he didn’t we would still be in our sins and death would still be the end for us!  The Apostle Paul reminds people that ‘faith’ is not a private experience that cannot be tested when he reminds the Corinthians of just how many people saw Jesus risen from the dead (1 Cor 15).

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