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A place where it’s ok to not be ok

24 Sep

Last year (at Christ Church Bexley 10.30am) we followed the story of Jesus in Luke’s gospel. Again and again Jesus tears down pride and self reliance in order to lead us to salvation and joy in him. So one of the things we said was that we want to be a church where it’s ok to be not ok. To put it another way – we don’t want church to be place where we put on a brave face and all pretend ‘everything is ok, no problems here’. We want church to be a community where we live out the reality of the saving, transforming and sustaining power of Jesus Christ.

Now that is easy to affirm in theory but difficult to embrace in practice, particularly when our personal struggles move beyond the ‘polite’ sins (I drive too fast, I gossip, I spoke harshly to someone) into the realm of addiction. Continue reading