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Facing our greatest threat

23 Oct

[This post is courtesy of Michael Kellahan, posted on The Southern Cross on the 11th July 2012.]

I’m preaching through Isaiah at the moment and have been struck afresh by the failure of God’s people to trust him. Instead, as passages like Isaiah 2:6-22 show, they seek to make themselves great without God. They bring in superstitions from the east, and pagan divination like the Philistines. They boast in their treasuries and chariots and go the way of idolatry.

It may seem strange that God’s people, who had experienced so many blessings from him in the past, and who are promised so much for the future, could look elsewhere to find security. Yet this is what they do. They ignore God’s calls for justice and make alliances with the nations around. The prophet rebukes them with a reminder of their mortality:

“Stop trusting in man, who has but a breath in his nostrils, Of what account is he?” (Isaiah 2:22).

Before we are too quick to condemn God’s people of old, it is worth meditating on how often we make precisely the same moves. Continue reading


Help your church share sermon highlights on social media

6 Oct

[This post is courtesy of Steve Kryger, posted on The Southern Cross on the  04th October 2012.]

Mars Hill Church are creating content highlights for Twitter and Facebook, to share key messages from the sermon. 

Here’s a snapshot of the Twitter highlights:

 Not only is this a way of communicating to people who weren’t able to attend, it’s a way of sharing gospel truth with our broader networks.

At Church by the Bridge we did something similar at Easter, to make it easy for people to promote our Easter services on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve seen other churches making use of social media in similar ways, for example, High Point Church creates content that can be reused, and and York St Anglican tweets sermon highlights with a special hashtag each weekend:

 There’s lots of other ways for churches to make use of social media. What’s your church doing?

Apologetic evangelism: an oxymoron?

22 Sep

[This post is courtesy of Phillip Jensen, Dean of St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney posted on The Briefing 25th August 2012.]

Apologetic evangelism is neither apologetics nor evangelism. Since the language of today is apologetic, and certainty is considered arrogance, how then can we evangelise modern, or post-modern, society?

Evangelism is the declaration of the great news of Jesus’ death and resurrection. It is the announcement of God’s victory in his Son; the proclamation of the coming of the age of salvation. It calls upon people to repent and tells them to trust Jesus for their salvation. It assures them of the full, complete forgiveness that Jesus has won for them and the new life that his Spirit brings them.

There is nothing to apologize for in evangelism. It is the most wonderful news that we will ever have to tell anybody. Judgement over, condemnation passed, sins forgiven, new life commenced, eternity awaiting us as we grow in God’s loving grace.

But today the world accuses those who speak with such confidence, of arrogance. They ask: Who can really speak of knowing the truth that will set you free? Continue reading